AQA Unit Award Scheme

AQAAQA Unit Award Scheme

The Assesment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) is the largest awarding body in the UK.
The AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) is a scheme for recording achievement which gives a student recognition for completing short units of work. These units can cover almost any subject or topic and can be undertaken by students of any age or ability.
Bolton's Money Skills Service is an AQA UAS registered centre and can offer students certificates for completing individual units.
Each unit we run clearly sets out:

  • the skills, abilities, knowledge and understanding that a student must learn and any experiences that he or she should have  
  • the evidence that must be provided to show that a student has achieved the outcomes  
  • how each of the outcomes is assessed by our trainers 

Given this, Units can therefore be tailored to suit individual needs.

Benefits of the UAS

There are many benefits to the student and to the centre. These include:

  • flexibility in rewarding and celebrating success  
  • increasing engagement, self-esteem, motivation and performance  
  • supporting lifelong and personalised learning  
  • promoting inclusion  
  • helping course delivery, planning and target setting  
  • use over a short time and prompt issue of certificates  
  • accredits learning which may otherwise go unrecognised  
  • detailed certification making it easy to see what has been achieved  
  • use as a 'stepping stone' towards full qualifications and awards. 


A Unit Award Statement is issued following successful completion of the unit. These are sent to our registered centre which we then distribute to our students.
It is important to us that we monitor the effectiveness of our training courses, so we also send a review form with the Unit Award Statement to each individual student. We do hope that all students will take the time to complete this and return it to us at their earliest opportunity.
A Letter of Credit is issued for each student at the end of their involvement in the UAS, at the end of each academic year. This lists the units the student has completed successfully and indicates the number of units achieved. Again these are sent to us for distribution to our students.
A further review form is sent with the Letter of Credit to each student to enable us to monitor the longer term effectiveness of our courses and to give the students the opportunity to share any achievements acquired since their last review.
Visit our Group workshops page to see what our Accredited Sessions cover.

Prices BOLTON MONEY SKILLS SERVICE CAN PROCESS THE AQA UNIT AWARD SCHEME FOR OTHER AGENCIES - If you provide financial capability training we can work with you to provide accredited training for your participants.
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