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Money skillsAbout us

Who we are

Set up in 2002 Bolton's Money Skills Service aims to promote financial awareness to the residents of Bolton. We help local people take control of their finances and gain the knowledge and confidence to manage their money the sensible way.

What we do

We work with people, in a number of ways, to help them manage their money.

  • We deliver group training sessions based on everyday money matters. These feature a mix of activities which seek to address the worry of stress caused by money problems as well as giving practical information on money matters.  
  • We work with individuals (and couples) providing one to one support to help them get their finances under control and deal with changes to benefits.  
  • We offer a switching service for utility bills to save you money on high energy costs as well as home phone and internet comparisons. 

Who we work with

The Money Skills Service works with tenants, community groups, housing associations, and other service providers. We design, plan and deliver a variety of training and awareness raising events and activities to improve people's knowledge and develop their confidence in money management.

  • Community groups - helping to deal with financial and social exclusion 
  • Tenants, hostel staff and housing officers - helping to create manageable and sustainable tenancies 
  • Asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers - helping to develop an awareness and understanding of financial services and products in the UK 
  • We work closely with other housing services supporting homeless prevention and assistance for mortgage and rent arrears. 

Many of the people we work with are on low incomes and have often had some debt or financial problems in the past. We can work with you if you live, work or study in Bolton and are struggling financially. 

Staff training

The Money Advice team run quarterly staff training on the following topics. The sessions are aimed at front line staff who are dealing with Bolton residents who are struggling financially. If you are interested in any of the courses below, contact us on 01204 332916? or email us atmoneyadvice@bolton.gov.uk. We are also looking to develop online training for staff to access remotely.

We are sometimes able to offer staff training to organisations outside of Bolton though this may incur a charge and is subject to how busy the service is.

Introduction to debt

The aim of the session is to develop an understanding of why people fall into debt. This includes debt awareness, the different types of debt people may have and their consequences and how to complete a financial statement.

Preparing a Financial Statement

The aim of the session is to enable support workers, housing officers and any staff working with clients to be able to complete an income and expenditure form to include with a Discretionary Housing Payment, Local Welfare Provision application or a situation where a financial statement is required.