One to one budgeting

BudgetingOne to one budgeting

If you have a client who lives in Bolton, who is at struggling to pay housing costs due to problems managing their money we may be able to help. We can provide support and guidance to help your client manage their money more effectively. We offer an initial session which normally lasts around 90 minutes. Your client will visit one of our Money Skills Money Mentors at one of the below locations. During this session we will cover the following:

  • Plan and budget 
  • Reduce expenditure 
  • Work out the best ways to pay bills 
  • Access other agencies for more help with maximising income, dealing with debts etc 

The sessions are presented on a self help basis and further appointments may be needed to help your client get in control of their finances.
We will require your client to bring with them various pieces of information so we can gain a detailed understanding of their current financial situation. Check list of items to bring [pdf].

You may also want to download a copy of a financial statement [pdf] to work through with your client before our session takes place.

Our Self help area contains various fact sheets and letters which may also be of use to you when helping your client to sort out their finances.

Where will the appointment take place?

Sessions are by appointment only and are held at the venues listed

How can I refer a client?

Simply call 01204 331968 or email with the name, address and contact telephone number of your client and include a summary of their current financial situation. Once a decision has been made that we can help/work with your client, we then ask that your client contacts us directly to arrange an appointment. This highlights that your customer is ready to engage with us and sometimes this can enable us to obtain a true reflection of their current situation.