Understanding energy costs and savings

Group workingUnderstanding energy costs and savings

Outcomes to be accredited

In successfully completing this unit the student will have to:
Have experienced:

  • participating in a quiz to see the savings that can be made through insulating the home
  • participating in an activity which identifies the wattage used by specific items in the home

Acquired an understanding of:

  • how much money can be saved in the home, through at least three energy saving behavioural changes
  • what a healthy temperature is in the home
  • how at least three aids can help save energy in the home
  • what the European Union Energy Label looks like and that it rates energy consuming products from A to G, A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient
  • what a tariff is and the benefits of changing tariff in terms of the money savings that can be made
  • at least one advantage and at least one disadvantage of changing suppliers in terms of the money savings that can be made
  • the importance of regularly reading gas and electric meters and checking utility bill readings

Demonstrated the abilty to:

  • read a utility bill to identify at least five key components